Download FusionPBX

Install Script

Getting Started
Start with a minimal install of Debian 8. Then run the following commands as 'root'.

wget -O - | sh
cd /usr/src/ && ./

Debian on Proxmox LXC
If using Debian Jessie on Proxmox LXC containers please run the following BEFORE starting the FusionPBX install.

apt-get update && apt-get upgrade
apt-get install systemd
apt-get install systemd-sysv
apt-get install ca-certificates

Web Server - NGINX
The default is NGINX as its small fast and easy to configure HTTPs is pre-configured with a self signed certificate.

Database Server - SQLite or PostgreSQL
The default is PostgreSQL. PostgreSQL is a great choice for a larger system that need to scale especially for multi-tenant systems. PostgreSQL is an advanced ANSI SQL compliant database. It is stable, powerful has native UUID data types which are used relating data in FusionPBX, it can scale, database replication support is amazing and we teach how to do multi-master replication in the FusionPBX advanced class. SQLite is a great choice for an embedded system or small business it should not be used for multi-tenant systems that will be used in production.

Official FusionPBX Training

Hands-on courses to help you succeed!

Mon March 27, 2017
Admin & Advanced Class (4-D) Boise, ID
Mon March 27, 2017
Admin Class (2-D) Boise, ID
Wed March 29, 2017
Advanced Class (2-D) Boise, ID
Fri March 31, 2017
Test - Please Ignore (1-D) Online Only