Many hands make light(er) work, and we appreciate all the help we can (and have) received.

Bug Reports

Reporting bugs is one of the best ways to help improve the quality of the project. If you have uncovered something that has been overlooked, log into the Account Portal and click the Report a Bug tile, near the top of the home page. If you do not yet have a free FusionPBX Account to login with, please create one first.


FusionPBX source code is managed using Github: If you are the developer-type, and have the desire to help make FusionPBX even more awesomer, you are welcome to do so. More details can be found on the topic here.

Feature Ideas

If you have ideas on how to make FusionPBX even better, we want to hear them! Our development time is limited (of course), but we do seriously consider the constructive ideas and opinions of FusionPBX users. If you're a FusionPBX Member, and have a totally sweet feature in mind... that will absolutely change the world of telephony as we know it (or maybe even just make FusionPBX a little better than it already is)... please submit a Feature Request, and it will be seriously considered by our core developers.


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As a FusionPBX Member, you have access to both the Basic and Advanced Documentation for FusionPBX. And, because FusionPBX is a living project, constantly under development, the need to update the documentation is always present. So, if you've got an attention to detail like know one else... and you have a desire to assist in fleshing out the nitty-gritty of the docs, please contact us by submitting a ticket within the Account Portal.

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