Terms of Use

Version 1.0 - Last Updated: 5 September 2019

We use cookies on www.fusionpbx.com to store a session ID so that when you login you can stay logged in from one web page to another. We don't do anything very interesting with cookies so nothing much to see here.

We believe Privacy is a human right the information we store is to help us help you. Things like knowing your name and company name, contact information is for us to be able to contact you to help you. We may use it to call you in regards to a reported bug, to ask for more details for a feature request or to help us provide you with support. We will strive to treat your information how we would want our information treated.

Limited Liability
Software, training, videos, suport and information provided by FusionPBX LLC they are distributed on an "AS IS" basis, and "AS AVAILABLE" WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.

Member Benefits
Member benefits are available to members during the subscription period. We are providing additional member features to FusionPBX members as a member benefit. They are incentives for supporting the FusionPBX project.

The content, documentation, and videos collectively referred to hereafer as Content on www.fusionpbx.com are copyrighted by FusionPBX LLC. All rights reserved. The Content provided is for members learning. Re-distrubution or resale of the Content are strictly prohibited.

We currently have no physical products so for shipping. However we do deliver immediate access to documentation, training information and videos. After you subscribe as a paid member you get access to this immediately. After subscribing logout and back and use the member benefits available in www.fusionpbx.com. A delivery system is being built to provide access to additional member features.

We currently have no physical products so there is nothing to return. Companies that are members are allowed to use the member feature that are included with the membership level that the member is subscribed to for the period of time that they are subscribed to the level. If the member's subscription is cancelled then all copies of the member feature(s) must be removed and deleted.

Refunds are given at our discretion and when required by Law. FusionPBX is an open source project and with that you can try it out before you pay for anything. Please take advantage of this option we are here for a long term working relation and our success is dependant in part to your success. Refund requests are rare. Accidentally signed up twice we will correct this and strive to be fair. If you Have a legitimate reason please give us a call or send a support ticket at www.fusionpbx.com.

Cancellation Policy
Becoming a FusionPBX Member requires a ONE (1) YEAR COMMITMENT (to be understood as 12 consecutive months) from the date you join. Failure to maintain a valid payment method during this period may result in your membership being permanently terminated, and all support options forfeited. Following the commitment term, your membership will continue automatically on a monthly basis, but you may cancel at any time. Note: If you have paid for, and participated in, an Official FusionPBX Training course, the standard commitment does not apply. To cancel or downgrade call us by phone or login to www.fusionpbx.com then create a membership ticket with a description of what you would like to do.

We take Security seriously and put considerable time into improving FusionPBX security. All traffic on www.fusionpbx.com is redirected to use a secure certificate. We also uses Stripe to host all form inputs containing card data within an iframe served from Stripe’s domain so your card information never touches FusionPBX servers.

Applicable Law
By using www.fusionpbx.com and related software you agree to laws of the State of Idaho in the United States.

We have the right to update these policies and terms of use as needed. Our policies and terms of service will be updated and refined further. When the terms of use are updated we will change the version number and the last updated date at the top of this document. You can find the updated terms of use on www.fusionpbx.com.

We are open to feedback on these terms of use. If you have a concern or and ideas to improve them please sign up for a free account and create a ticket for us to review. Or call us using the contact information below. We like feedback and will consider your suggestions.

Contact Information
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+1 208-906-8227