FusionPBX 5.1 Official Release

The following is a summary of some of the changes. Release Date: 15 July 2023

  • Event Guard service to protect FreeSWITCH
  • Multi-lingual completed translations and new languages
  • 2 factor and multi-factor authentication improvements
  • Time based One Time Password (TOTP) Authentication
  • One Time Password sent (OTP by email) Authentication
  • PHP 8.1 Support
  • Dashboard Detail State (expanded, contracted, hidden)
  • Ring Group Destination enabled toggle
  • IVR Menu Option enabled toggle
  • Inbound Caller ID routing
  • Email Queue improvements
  • FAX Queue per domain or global
  • Streams per domain or local
  • Voicemail BLF
  • DND BLF - Show as extension as busy when DND is enabled
  • Call Flow BLF - Send call flow blf when changed in web interface
  • Call Center Agent BLF
  • Conference Recording show in Call Detail Records
  • Valet Park added to Operator Panel
  • Better Missed Call reporting
  • Replaced config.php and config.lua with config.conf
  • Access Control Import
  • Access Control List - Renamed domains to providers
  • Access Controls Reload button
  • Access Control edit node remove domains column no longer needed as its handled automatically
  • Call Recordings - use database view deprecate the call_recordings table
  • Voicemail Greeting - support mp3 recordings
  • Add insert_date, inser_user, update_data, update_user to every table
  • Call Broadcast add calendar picker
  • Optional features - dialplan_tools
  • Optional features - device_logs
  • Optional features - sip_trunks
  • Optional features - providers (SMS)
  • Optional features - messages (SMS)
  • Includes improved to use __dir__ to find require.php.
  • The root.php has been deprecated.
  • And much much more

FusionPBX 5.0 Previous Release

The following is a summary of some of the changes. Release Date: 27 April 2022

    Account Settings
    • Added Email Address
    • Option to enable or not

      Designed for convenience, speed data entry, customizable for desired information, and screen size including mobile or tablet.
      • CSS Grid
      • Mobile Friendly
      • Responsive
      • Modular

    • Added Refresh
    • Ping Min and Max added
    • Channels
    • Show All

    • Added Key and Device Profiles
      • One profile per device
    • Added outbound proxy
    • Added Icon options to Keys
      • Fanvil
    • Device Import

    • List
      • Caller ID
        • Effective CID Name
        • Outbound CID Name
      • Added toggle option
      • Buttons
        • Import
        • Settings
          • Type
            • param
            • variables
          • Allows adding param and variables

    • Added Copy Button
    • Added Ping Min and Max
    • Added Channels

    • Improved descriptions

    • Buttons
      • Local, Import, Export, Delete and Show All
    • Country Code
      • Recommend using the country code.
    • Area Code
      • Optional to use this field expect most people will not use it. Permission has this hidden by default.
    • Trunk Prefix
      • Useful for many countries around the world
      • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trunk_prefix
    • Destination Import

    Dialplan Manager
    • List page
      • Show the dialplan count
    • Edit page
      • Dialplan Details
        • Group delete
          • Save time with the ability to delete specific dialplan details quickly.
        • Enabled (true, false)
          • Disable without having to delete a dialplan detail.
          • Allowed us to add options that are not enabled by default in some dialplans
    • Dialplan Count
      • 4.4 Dialplans 66
      • New Release 75
    • Global dialplan context
      • replaced ${domain_name} with global
    • Device Vendors
      • Show the vendor count
      • New Vendors
        • Flyingvoice
        • Poly
        • Yeastar

    Inbound Routes
    • Added Destination option
    • Added Enable (true, false)

    Outbound Routes
    • Add an Outbound Route
      • Optional PIN Numbers

    • List
      • Added description

    Call Block
    • Added options
      • Can be limited to:
        • Extension
        • Area Code
    • Improved entry descriptions
    • Added item Descriptions

    Call Broadcast
    • Start Time
    • Phone Number List
      • Sample CSV File

    Call Centers
    • Imports
    • Queue
      • Greetings
      • Agents with Tier Level and Tier Position
      • Added Time Base Score Seconds
      • Announce Sound quick link to Recordings
    • Agents
      • Record
    • Queue Name
      • was UUID
      • now extension@domain name
        • example: 104@class.fusionpbx.com
        • Allows monitoring the Queue BLF

    Call Detail Records
    • Improved search criteria
    • Permissions control
      • Search items
      • Columns
    • Responsive
    • Mobile Friendly

    Call Flows
    • List
    • Usability Improvements
      • Button: Show All

    Call Forward
    • No longer uses extension dial_string
    • Now uses a call-forward-all dialplan

    Call Routing
    • Renamed to Call Forward

    Call Recordings
    • Added Descriptions

    Conference Centers
    • Ease of access to custom Recordings
    • Simplified backend design no longer users the meetings table

    Conference Controls
    • Added execute_application

    • Added User List option
    • Added Account Code
    • Added Conference Video MCU Profiles

    • Using CSS Grid
    • Mobile Friendly
    • Responsive

    Fax Server
    • Added Toll Allow
    • Removed Greeting

    Follow Me
    • No longer uses the extension dial_string
    • Now uses a dialplan to point to a Lua script similar to a ring group

    GS Wave (New)
    • QR code provisioning for Grandstream Wave softphone.
    • Very good for a test phone.

    IVR Menus
    • Added Parent Menu
      • Makes it possible to use IVR Menu Back and Top
    • New fields
      • PIN Number
      • Domain
      • Context

    Operator Panel
    • Color enhancements
    • Filters
      • Name
      • Extension

    • Improved Descriptions

    Ring Groups
    • Added
      • Follow Me (true, false)
      • Added Call Forward (true, false)

    Time Conditions
    • Additional Presets

    • Voicemail Import
    • Added Transcription Enabled

    CDR Statistics
    • New and improved chart

    Log Viewer
    • Ability to view multiple log files

    • Mobile friendly
    • Responsive
    • New SIP Profile column

    System Status
    • Increased Information

    User Logs
    • New feature
    • Logs browser authentication success and failure
    • Saves data such as username, IP Address, Date, and more

    Adminer (Deprecated)
    • Better to use a desktop tool like DBeaver

    App Manager (Deprecated)
    • This feature only listed apps that were installed.

    Command (Optional)
    • Not installed by default
    • Recommend using on test servers only

    Default Settings
    • 4.4 ended with 567 settings now 1218+ default settings

    Email Queue (New)
    • Email Queue tracks the Emails that are waiting to be sent and sends them, and also handles voicemail transcription.

    Email Templates
    • Change input format

    Fax Queue (New)
    • FAX Queue tracks the faxes that are waiting to be sent and sends them.

    Group Manager
    • Added
      • Counts
      • Permission levels

    Menu Manager
    • Added Link file locations

    SQL Query (Optional)
    • Available on Github as fusionpbx-app-sql_query
    • Added

    Editors (Optional)
    • Available on Github as fusionpbx-app-edit installed app/edit
    • Supports editing the following
    • Script Editor
    • PHP Editor
    • Provisioning Editor
    • XML Editor
    • Settings
    • Added Event Socket ACL

    • Added Search by user, old and new data

    Additional Information
    • Improved usability functions throughout the Interface

    • Escapes added throughout code all features to prevent Cross Site Vulnerabilities
    • CSRF Tokens used on input forms
    • UUID not generated by industry trustworthy code
      • Linux - UUID generated by the Linux Kernel
      • BSD -
    • SQL Query tool uses a Captcha
    • CIDR option to restrict a user to a specific IP or Range of IP addresses.
    • Password - Use a cryptographically secure random number generator
      • Extensions - SIP registrations
      • Users - web interface

    Provisioning Templates
    • Many new phones
    • Numerous improvements for many of the provisioning templates
    • All templates are rewritten to replace the old variable naming convention with a dot notation.
      • The old method uses a postfix to indicate the line or account number. Example _1 line 1 and _2 to represent line 2
        • {$auth_id_1}
        • {$auth_id_2}
      • The new method uses dot notation with a number to represent the line or account number.
        • {$account.1.auth_id}
        • {$account.1.auth_id}

    Special thanks to all the FusionPBX Members and Github Contributors

FusionPBX 4.4 Official Release

The following is a summary of some of the changes. Release Date: 5 April 2018

  • User change log, track add and updates, username, IP address
  • Speed and scalability improvements
  • Call Recordings - lists all call recordings, searchable, and bulk delete
  • Bridges - add any valid bridge statements to the destination select list
  • QR Code mobile phone provisioning with Grandstream Wave
  • Streams - interface to add shoutcast streams works with music on hold and IVR
  • Add Email Templates accessible in the web interface
  • New Contact Imports
  • Gateways show all button
  • Extensions show all button
  • Improved Call Forward
  • SIP Profiles Allows mass changes. Add domains section to manage aliases
  • Added more language translations. Russian, Italian, German, Austrian, Turkish
  • Accounts -> Devices - Added profile settings
  • Added 'Apply' button to re-provision the device
  • Security improved PHP SQL injection additional protection, XSS scripting prevention
  • Call forward no longer uses dial_string
  • Advanced -> Transactions - used to track changes by username, date and IP Address
  • Dialplan - Added XML button
  • Registrations added check boxes to control multiple actions like provision or reboot.
  • Combined registrations from all sip profiles and show which sip profile the registration used
  • Default Settings - New smtp from and from name options
  • Provisioning added Htek
  • Provisioning added Fanvil
  • Provisioning added multiple new Yealink models
  • Call Center improved to make it more robust, queue setting for an exit key.
  • Added device line shared setting
  • Added checkbox to destinations for ability to delete multiple numbers at once
  • Improved Wake-Up calls
  • Several new Default Settings
  • Many bug fixes
  • And much more...

FusionPBX 4.2 Official Release

We are excited to announce the official release of FusionPBX 4.2. The following is a summary of some of the changes.

  • Authentication
    • Better design
    • Extendable with plugin support
  • Menu
    • Responsive
    • Icons
  • New User Dashboard
  • Theme
    • Hundreds of Default Settings to control the theme.
  • Provisioning
    • Contacts used as Directory for the phones
    • Vendor list and functions can be enabled or disabled
    • Better support for memory, expansion (side cars), and programmable keys
  • Fax Queue
  • IVR Menu
    • Uses FreeSWITCH IVR
    • Delivered from Database on Demand
    • Cached to memcache
    • IVR Menu Options all editable at once
    • Works with Text to Speech
  • Phrases
    • Using xml handler
    • and xml from file system
  • Voicemail
    • Forward add intro
    • Check box for multi-delete
  • Conferencing
    • Profiles
    • Controls
  • Call Forward
    • Not registered
  • Easier process for recover login for superadmin access
  • Time Conditions
    • Domain Select
    • Global option
    • Move to other domains
    • Presets Bug - No longer using mweek
  • Extensions Summary
    • More efficient
    • Download to CSV
  • Gateways
    • Domain select
    • Global Domains
    • Move gateway to a new domain
  • Many Bug Fixes
  • Important Security Fixes everyone is encouraged to upgrade
  • Interface improvements through the interface including but not limited to.
    • Inbound routes
    • Adding a Dialplan
    • IVR Menu Edit
    • Dashboard
  • Upgrade -> App Defaults much faster and more efficient
  • Contacts
    • Groups permissions
    • Users permissions
  • Advanced Command
    • Merged with SQL Query tool
    • Added new editor
    • Added clip library
  • Editor (PHP, XML, Provision)
    • Opens large files faster
    • Several keyboard shortcuts
    • Show path to the file
  • And much more...

FusionPBX 4.0 Official Release

We are happy to announce the official release of FusionPBX 4.0. The following is a summary of some of the changes.

  • XML on demand from the database by default
  • Dialplan Edit is much faster
  • Time conditions, Destinations, IVR Menu, and Call Flows much faster thanks to new destinations class.
  • Menu class builds an array then formats the array.
  • Provisioning Hot desking work better with across vendors.
  • Option to hide Logout icon.
  • Domain Selector has a link to Domain Settings.
  • Access Controls interface for FreeSWITCH ACL lists.
  • Now using GitHub github.com/fusionpbx
  • Additional translations.
  • Phone directory from contacts for Polycom and Yealink
  • Caller Announce / Call Screening
  • Missed Call Emails
  • IVR Menu direct dial can be overriden by one of the options.
  • Number Alias support improved.
  • Default Settings -> fax -> keep_local
  • Default Settings -> variables (used to control fax channel variables)
  • Many bug fixes
  • And much more...

FusionPBX 3.8 Official Release

We are happy to announce the official release of FusionPBX 3.8. The following is a summary of some of the changes.

  • Device Key profiles - save time with provisioning endpoints.
  • Show all button for all domain on Devices, Destinations, CDR, CDR statistics
  • Ability to move devices, dialplans and destinations (DIDs) to other domains
  • Google Contacts Import
  • Fax Improvements
  • Contacts several unlimited URLs and Emails.
  • Call Forward on Busy and No Answer
  • Improved LDAP integration
  • Operator Panel with drag and drop call originate or transfer
  • Phrases with XML files and XML handler
  • Call Center config with XML handler
  • Failed List - with voicemail to email resend
  • Improved Provisioning Templates for Polycom and other phones
  • Group Permissions global by default
  • Many bug fixes
  • New Hot desking
  • Active Calls per domain and show all
  • SIP profiles can be enabled or disabled
  • Gateways SIP profile select list
  • Call Center Login/Logout with feature code from internal extension or external number for example a cell phone
  • Per hostname FreeSWITCH variables
  • Option to store voicemail messages, name and greetings, ivr recordings and fax files in the database.
  • Moved Content Manager, Schema, XMPP to the optional apps directory...
  • And much more...

FusionPBX 3.6 Previous Release

Release Notes

  • Provisioning has been almost completely been rewritten. Uses Smarty template engine for enabling customizability greater control of provisionig more of the phones features. Multiple line keys can be assigned to the device. Key assignment for multiple lines, blf keys, park, record and more. Central control to Un-Register, Restart, and Provision. Support most major phone manufacturers and models.
  • Search added to the dialplan (inbound/outbound routes), destinations, domains, extensions, devices and more.
  • Theme customizable to per domain (tenant)
  • Domain select tool with search
  • Domain name can be renamed
  • Safe to rename gateways
  • Dialplan destinations select destination
  • Per domain variables
  • Stronger Security
  • Per extension call recording
  • Per extension call summary
  • Easier Call Center interface
  • CDR Date Range Search
  • Default Settings Copied to Domains
  • Multiple delete for dialplans and default settings
  • Global dialplan and outbound route support
  • Call center recording option enhanced gui
  • Call center tiers integrated into Call Center Queues
  • Notications - get notified of events, security and bug fixes
  • Follow Me - Per destination prompt
  • Ring Groups - Per destination prompt
  • Ring Groups - Skip active destinations
  • Backup
  • and much more...
  • Send fax in multilple formats including .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx and more...
  • It was decided that development versions will be odd numbers and releases even numbers. That aligns FusionPBX with the release number convention used by the FreeSWITCH developers.